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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  January 17, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm MST

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>> and that call went on. fortunately the man who fainted was all right. they do say you can call the police department directly if this happens to you. coming up, the broncos are in the championship game at mile high next sunday. we'll hear from the players are about how long before they
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there are times it didn't look good, but we kept battling, and that's what we've been all year long. tied an nfl record today with five field goals in a play-off game.
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let's work, on three, one, two, three! >> the broncos were dropping passes, giving up huge plays are on defense. peyton could not convert a third down, or get a team in the end zone. you heard the man, kubiak, broncos hung in there, got the big turnover, the late touchdown drive, and here we are, one win way from the super bowl. he got up, hint emmanuel sanders for 35 yards, but the drive stalled. and then hillman, edward sis or hands are could do better.
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and here the ball is loose, demaryius -- demarcus ware jumped on it, and the broncos were back in business. and no drops on this one. the broncos went 13 plays. broncos up 19-13. got to go for two here. not pretty, but big plays when needed, offense, defense, this was a team win. >> we just kept our poise, we kept grinding. that's what our team has been about all year. so just provide ouch our team, found a way to win.
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that was a dog fight, grinder, went down to the last drive. so when you compete in a lot of those games and win those games, it certainly gives you confidence, and, hey, it's play- off football. we feel like, as long as we can play our game, nobody is going to beat us. >> we have a lot of grit and dettrmination. we persevered through a lot this whole year. one thing we know is perseverance, and we were down the whole game, but at the end, we pulled it out. >> have never been on a team that handles a adversity so wellle. >> all right. 7 sports anchor arlen anderson is here. looking good.
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turned out in force today. today broncos fans were restless as the offense under peyton struggled until the end when needed. >> we saw missed assignments, missed blocks. questionable play calling. reminded me of last year's divisional let's down. >> when the chips were down, though, the broncos needed a touchdown, and there was 18 to lead them all the way down the field. got the win. >> look at his numbers today. weren't that good, but would have been much better without those 7 drops. passer rating 74.4. no touchdown passes. bust he big stat, no interceptions. >> absolutely. he was a turnover machine in the first half of the season, but again, lead hearing game winning drive in the fourth quarter. >> i thought he played great. i thought he played amazing. the ball he threw to benny, he 3 threw some balls, we had some drops. i thought he played great. he saw blitzes coming.
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if we can do that, we know we have a chance. >> we know we can make those plays, and this is a team game, and we want to do it for 18 as much as he wants to do it for >> heros today. league. big ben got 339 yards passing, but the did only allowed one army touchdown in the first quarter, held the steelers to three quarters. only 16 points. >> yeah, look, defense wins championships, this defense wins game. when the broncos needed a spark. they delivered the days only turnover. roby, a guy that big ben picked on all day long. we need a hero. here is roby, punches are the ball loose. that play led to the broncos lead. they would never look back. offense.
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them to make a play. >> he said the team that is going to win this game is going to win the turnover battle, and that was a big momentium changer for us. peyton went down there and scored, ann the momentum built from there, and we were able to close the game out. >> our defense is one of the best in he leaguee keep playing, something good will come our way. other. we're not playing for anything else but each other. >> our defense has been outstanding all season. they have led us toothis point, let's make that clear, and different guys step up at different times all season, right? kind of combining for that interception on the last play
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marshall and robberiy creating that -- robie creating that touchdown. >> afc title games. manning versus brady 17. % tom has won 11 of those 16 head to head meetings, but he has never won a playoff game here in denver. >> tom has not been so terrific here at mile high. and don't forget, brock osweiler beat him here earlier this season. rumors of the pats demise, greatly exaggerated. we saw that yesterday when they took. chiefs a apart. man named brady threw for over 300 yards, and accounted for three touchdowns. his favorite target, a man named "gronk." and new england looks to have found new life this post- -`broncos, they're fired up to champs. renewed. game.
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beat a good football team tonight in order to get there. and we're going to enjoy this one tonight, and get a jump start preparing for that game on monday, and we'll talk about who we are playing on wednesday. >> now we have one more game till the big show. i think tomorrow -- or tonight at 12:001, you get to working on the picture. >> 12:001, that's right. 7:00 in the morning. i'm going to go out and enjoy this one a ittle bit, but wednesday when i show up, i'm going to be ready to go to work, because i nope what is on the line. >> you know who is come tong town. could you will write a better script? >> you can't. same thing as two years ago. we're are excited, looking forward to the game, and definitely going to prepare for it. >> his mom is seeing him play football for the first time, demaryius thomas's mother has
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>> i was just excited to see her for her first game. and coming out with a win is even better. special teams phenom omar bolden has a knee injury as well. >> they will not reach the super bowl if they play like today. got to find the end zone. when we come back, cam newton and the panthers into
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cam newton and the panthers taking on seattle tonight. 14-0 panthers. second quarter, cam, back looking for his tight end, and got him. greg olson went up and got this one down. 31-0! but seattle didn't quit. third quarter, wilson, gorgeous pass to frank lockett. great catch in tte corner. 31-14, and then watch this thing of beeuty, like a human blender, scrambling, twisting, to curtis. and then seattle, on sidekick. the panthers won it. wow, they host the cardinals next week. after the game, cam said things got tight in the second half,
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>> it's justta tail of execution. we need a little bit more of that in the second half, there's a lot of guys playing with their butts tight, coaches with their butts tight. aft one point, fans and myself was butt tight, too, but, yeah, you just have to find ways to, yoo know, get your groove back going, and we need more of that next sunday. randy kin in the son, a retired army veteran who goes by the name orange soldier has a new mission bigger than football, and he using his platform as a broncos super fan to help spread the word. >> everyone, like, my kids are don't each call me dad no more. they call me orange soldier. >> reporter: he earned that nickname after serving 11 and a
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he was awarded the purple heart, but bleeds orange and blue. he said the broncos helped him through two tours of duty in iraq. >> broncos pulled me through a lot, when i deployed at iraq, i would get up at 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., depending on when we played, and sometimes i would sleep maybe an hour, set my alarm, get up and watch the broncos. >> reporter: he came up with a new way to root for his favorite team when he returned home. >> i paint mood i face for one game, and my wife got me a custom jersey, and people i don't even know, can i have a picture, orange should soldier? i'm just trying to get this message out about pssd. >> reporter: -- ptsd. >> reporter: that is something that 1 in 5 iraqi veterans experienced.
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iraq and the war, but i knoll people that have it from domestic issues. they're hurting inside, and maybe they just want someone to talk to. >> reporter: randy has created custom d shirts anding dog tags to help spread the word, and has even appeared in a music video. but the broncos are the common theme. kinny son said going to -- kinnison said going to games is therapy. >> crowds usually make me nervous, but i love going to the games, because we're all there for the same reason. >> he hopes to becomeea season ticket homer next year. >> great story. if you've got what it takes to
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welcome back. pepsi center. the scoreboard perator took a dive tonight. no defense. under 30 to go, randy foye, back to massive game-winning third rock. the nuggets outscore indy 129- 126. >> buffers facing oregon --
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josh scott, down loo, this man is deadly in the block. he's going to spin it to win it. scott went for 17 points, 11 boards. fletcher, 14 off the bench. buffaloes have won three of their last 4. all right. well, it's going to be an or an week coming uu. molly, well prepared. >> thank you. >> orange. >> oh, you're calling me out! >> i just want you to be ready, because it's coming, starting tomorrow. >> i will prepare. i'll have the orange ready. we expect nothing burg the
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